Coffee capsules aren’t a new idea. In fact, ever since they were first invented in Switzerland in the mid-1970s, they’ve undergone numerous innovations and refinements in order to become the modern evolution we’re familiar with today. So, coffee capsules. Not new.

What is new though, is a coffee capsule that’s produced in South Africa, making the most of local creativity and expertise, and making the least amount of impact on your budget. Because why buy imported coffee capsules at inflated prices when local is every bit as lekker, and vastly more cost-effective too?

That’s the question that Cafféluxe founder Kevin Katz asked himself.  The answer, of course, was Cafféluxe, the first completely South African coffee capsule, and the first local alternative to international brands, just like Nespresso™.

Today, having moved from its humble garage beginnings to a fully functioning state of the art factory in Cape Town, the Cafféluxe brand continues to innovate, adapt and enhance its offering in order to give customers what they truly want – the perfect cup of coffee, perfectly brewed and perfectly poured. And with the finest premium grade coffee sourced from the world’s leading coffee-producing countries, as well as top quality coffee machines and accessories, Cafféluxe is doing exactly that, and doing it exceptionally. So drink up, and drink in as much Cafféluxe deliciousness as you like. You can afford to.

One coffee brand; thousands of happy customers

We gasped when we first found out, but apparently, not everyone drinks coffee. Or, to put it more accurately, not everyone drinks ONLY coffee. Some people drink tea, some drink hot chocolate, some drink flavoured coffees and some, like kids, just plain can’t drink it. But that’s ok, because, at Cafféluxe, we thrive on challenge. We also thrive on innovation, which is why the Cafféluxe brand is so much more than simply dark or medium roast coffee capsules. It’s hot chocolate capsules, Rooibos capsules, flavoured coffee capsules, kid-friendly capsules, and even cleaning capsules too, all fully compatible with machines like Nespresso™, Dolce Gusto® and more.

And if you’re all about the simple cup of coffee, spectacularly done, we’ve got a huge range in store for you too, manufactured, roasted and brewed from the finest South American and African arabica beans for your drinking pleasure. In fact, no matter what it is, if there’s a delicious flavour out there, we want it in a capsule, in a coffee machine, bringing you satisfaction with every sip. It doesn’t have to be coffee, but it does have to be delectable. Because it’s Cafféluxe, and nothing less than the best will do.

International flavour. Home-grown craftsmanship.

Deep in the heart of Cape Town, near South Africa’s second busiest port, lies a factory. Spanning 2500m2, and featuring a testing lab, state-of-the-art research and development lab, and a climate-controlled storage and grinding area, this is no ordinary factory. This is the soul of Cafféluxe, the centre of all things aromatic and delicious, and the place where the coffee magic happens.

From bean to capsule to cup, every stage of the Cafféluxe process is carried out under this roof and between these walls, all overseen by our very own coffee-making experts. Using the finest premium-grade beans from countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Guatemala and Colombia too, our artisans roast and grind the coffee to perfection, ensuring that each individual capsule is filled, hermetically sealed, nitrogen flushed, tested, branded and packed as meticulously as possible. And with each capsule manufactured from food-safe recyclable materials, and the factory itself Halaal and Kosher-certified, as well as FDA-compliant, you can be sure that every grain of Cafféluxe coffee is manufactured to world-class quality, taste and safety standards.

Proudly South African. At Cafféluxe it’s not just a phrase – it’s the philosophy we live by. It’s the process by which we ensure our coffee is manufactured to the highest grade possible, it’s the flavour that we pack into every one of our capsules, and it’s the sentiment that resonates so richly with every sip you take. Proudly exceptional, and proudly South African in every way.