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Forever Fruitz Lemon Wheels

Forever Fruitz Lemon Wheels

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*Lemon wheels -  vitamin C ; calcium, magnesium, promotes weight loss

Product uses

Forever Fruitz can be used for many purposes. It is all about your creativity. 

An edible garnish for your flavoured drink. Forever Fruitz may also be used to infuse water or as a cooking and baking ingredient or decoration.

Forever Fruitz information:

*Forever Fruitz can be used great as a water flavourant as well as infused water decanters 

*Forever Fruitz is all about the healthy lifestyle. Forever fruitz can be used a “Fruit chips”, instead of your children going for the sweetie jar. 

* Forever Fruitz may be used for garnishing, eg on desserts; main course dishes and cheese platers 

*Forever Fruitz may also be used for detoxing in a bath after a long day.

*Forever Fruitz can be used in a tea 

* Forever Fruitz are great for Gins and cocktails and nibble after your drink.

* Forever Fruitz is great for ciders, Sol Beers, and cocktail,vodka,gin mixes



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