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OKJA Just Now Cacao 1l OKJA Just Now Cacao 1l OKJA Just Now Cacao 1l OKJA Just Now Cacao 1l OKJA Just Now Cacao 1l

OKJA Just Now Cacao 1l

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What’s the best-known food that nobody knows anything about? C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E. The word draws most of us a picture of a candy bar, a luscious slab, or a melty Easter bunny. Our brains rush with dopamine even at just the thought of eating it. Fact.

Here’s another fact. It was only in 1847 that Joseph Fry created the first modern chocolate bar in Bristol. That’s right, for about 96% of chocolate’s 5000 year history, it was a drink.

‍I’m not here to host a history lesson. There’s nothing I can teach you in a few lines that you can’t Google yourself. And you should, because it’s bloody fascinating. Rotate this carton to the opposite panel to read our guiding philosophy behind the creation of this chocolate m*lk.

This side of the pack is dedicated to love. Not the sexy kind, although eating chocolate does make you feel a little naughty. I’m talking about the ‘love thy neighbour’ kind of love.

‍The simple truth is that chocolate transcends geographic, racial and cultural boundaries and is adored by billions across the globe. Chocolate binds us, while society is set on exaggerating our differences. Chocolate reminds us that we are all connected to each other and to our planet.



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