Cafféluxe environmentally friendly industrial compostable capsules

We love the environment as much as we love our coffee, which is why our innovative Cafféluxe compostable coffee capsules have been designed to have as little negative ecological impact as possible.

Our compostable capsules are used in our Cafféluxe African Collection range and takes less than 2 months to degrade in industrial compost. The capsules are made from a bio-sourced agro-material (sourced from French cereal sectors) which means they are organic based (produced mainly from vegetable fibers and starch) and made from renewable sources. But that’s not all, we have gone further by replacing the conventional foil lid with a paper lid, thus making the entire capsule 100% industrial compostable

Our compostable capsules are compliant with the stringent requirements of the EN 13432 standard with regards to chemical composition, biodegradation, disintegration and quality of the final compost and eco-toxicity. All of the materials used to create our unique capsules have been certified by Vinçotte and received the “OK Compost” certification. In this way, Cafféluxe is doing their part to create coffee with a conscience, as well as capsules that don’t cost the earth.

Enviromental Benefits of Industrial Compostable Capsules:

  • Organic Based – Produced mainly from vegetable fibers and starch.
  • Made from Renewable Sources – Made with low energy consumption, choice of materials.
  • 100% Industrial Compostable
  • Degrades within 2 months

Cafféluxe organic coffee

Ecocert is an inspection and certification body established in France in the early 90’s by agronomists who are aware of the need to develop environmentally friendly agriculture and of the importance of offering some form of recognition to those committed to this method of production. Ecocert specializes in the certification of organic agricultural products and contributes to the growth and regulation of these farming methods. They also work with international institutions in supporting project development.

Ecocert is positioned as the worldwide standard for organic certifications, their services also include organic agriculture, inspection in organic cosmetics, green spaces, UTZ, Fair Trade and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Our Cafféluxe African Collection Ugandan, Ethiopian and African Blend variants are certified organic by Ecocert. To ensure that the correct policies and procedures are in place, Cafféluxe is inspected annually. This ensures compliance with the international organic regulation of the EU, specifically EU 234/2007 and EU 889/2008.

Our certified organic coffees:

  • Ethiopia Anderachaa Organic
  • Uganda Bugisu Organic
  • Honduras Organic SHG/EP

Cafféluxe Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance aims to educate farmers regarding conservation and sustainable farming whilst still being profitable and environmentally friendly. Their main focus is the conservation of the African and South American Rainforests. They support farmers and intermediates like forest managers and tourism affiliates to obtain better financial benefits by making sure that ecosystems in and around their operations are safeguarded and that proper education is given to the farm workers as well as ensuring good sanitation, safe working conditions, health care and housing. The demand for better social standards and sustainability is growing and if companies meets their standards, Rainforest Alliance helps them reach the global marketplace.

Our certified RFA coffees:

•  Rwanda Nkora RFA