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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question about coffee capsules? Need to know the difference between an espresso and a lungo? Having a fight with your frother? Our FAQ has all the answers you need, so just sit back, keep calm, and coffee on.


What is an Espresso?

An espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee with a thick head known as a crema. It is made by pumping hot water through coffee with a high-pressure pump in order to extract a full, rich fresh flavour. A lungo is a variation on an espresso, made with twice as much water in order to soften the strength of the coffee.

Are there any artificial flavours or additives used to create the aroma and taste of Cafféluxe coffee capsules?

Absolutely not! Every last drop of Cafféluxe flavour is extracted exclusively from the finest blends of freshly ground pure coffee. From Colombia to Peru, Ethiopia to Kenya and Zimbabwe too, we go to the ends of the earth to find the most authentic, most delicious, most aromatic coffees just for you.

Are Cafféluxe plastic capsules safe to use with hot water?

Yes, they are. Thanks to our coffee capsules being crafted from FDA-approved food-safe HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), each one is capable of withstanding high temperatures without compromising the taste or the flavour of the coffee kept safe inside.

Does your decaffé contain any chemicals? How do you extract the caffeine?

In order to bring you the freshest, most flavoursome decaffé possible, we use a CO2 decaffeination process that baths steamed coffee beans in compressed carbon dioxide, removing the caffeine through charcoal filtering. In this way, the rich flavour of the coffee remains in the bean throughout, unlike other methods such as chemical washes and Swiss Water. In this way, your cup of decaffé is both full or flavour and free of chemicals, just as a rich, satisfying coffee should be.

Do you sell any capsules other than coffee?

Hot chocolate, vanilla, caramel, rooibos - take your pick! And if you want to make something hot and delicious for your kiddies, or simply clean your coffee machine, we can take care of that too. No matter what you're looking for, from coffee to tea, kids to adults, Cafféluxe has all your beverage needs taken care of, and so deliciously too. Simply take a look at our range, order your favourites online, and drink up!

Are your capsules recyclable?

Cafféluxe is proud to be an environmentally-conscious brand, and as such, all our coffee capsules are manufactured from food-safe recyclable PP (Polypropylene), with all our MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) conforming to international food safety standards.

Where can I buy your capsules or machines?

To enjoy the unique flavour of Cafféluxe in your own home, simply browse our range of coffee capsules and coffee makers online, or visit our showroom in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. Alternatively, look out for us on the shelves at major retailers such as Spar, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Dis-Chem and more. Getting your caffeine fix has never been so easy!


What is the difference between the Cafféluxe Milano, Sienna, Torino and Verona coffee machines?

The Milano is exclusive to Pick n Pay and the Sienna is exclusive to Checkers, while the Torino and Verona are available through Cafféluxe directly, as well as selected retailers. Each of our coffee machines is identical in functionality, with small cosmetic finishes (such as nozzles, metallic strips, etc) distinguishing them from one another. So no matter where you buy your coffee machine, you'll still enjoy the same rich, satisfying Cafféluxe flavour.

Can I use Nespresso™ capsules in my Cafféluxe machine?

Absolutely! Whether you use Nespresso™ coffee capsules in your Cafféluxe machine, or vice versa, you'll always enjoy the best in convenience and affordability.

What is the difference between your Cafféluxe machine and Nespresso™ machines?

Good question! In terms of functionality, there is zero difference between Cafféluxe and Nespresso™ coffee machines. Both make use of coffee capsules, and both use a 19 bar pump that shoots hot water through the capsule in order to extract the coffee. In terms of affordability, however, given that Cafféluxe is a local, Proudly South African brand, manufactured, processed and produced wholly on South African soil, you may find it more suited to your monthly budget than other imported brands. Because as we all know, local is so much more lekker!

Why are the lights on my machine flashing?

This could be for one of two reasons. Firstly check to make sure your jug is correctly in place. If not, then secure it. Should the problem not lie with your jug, your machine could be overheating. Simply switch it off for 5 minutes, and then restart it. Once you do, the issue should be resolved.

What is the best way to keep my machine running smoothly?

Before inserting a coffee capsule into your Cafféluxe machine, run a shot of water through it into your cup. This will help to clean the machine while warming up your cup at the same time, ensuring rich, delicious-tasting coffee. Additionally, for a machine that's sparkling clean inside as well as out, try our innovative Caffenu cleaning capsules for a quick, easy, lasting gleam and impeccable hygiene.


Why is my frother not making froth?

Are you using the correct adaptor on your frother? There are two you can choose between - the coil and the plastic adaptor. Using the coil adaptor will froth both hot and cold milk, while using the plastic adaptor will heat your milk without creating froth. Simply choose the correct option, and you'll have perfect, frothy milk in no time.

How do I create cold froth for iced lattes?

Keep your finger on the button until the blue light comes on. This will ensure your milk froths without becoming hot. Ah, deliciously cold coffee drinks!