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New technology and improved compatibility

Cafféluxe Bio-degradable Capsules (Nespresso® Compatible)

We love the environment as much as we love our coffee, which is why our innovative Cafféluxe compostable coffee capsules have been designed to have as little negative ecological impact as possible.

Our biodegradable capsules are made from a bio-sourced agro-material (sourced from French cereal sectors) which means they are organic based (produced mainly from vegetable fibers and starch) and made from renewable sources. But that’s not all, we have gone further by replacing the conventional foil lid with a paper lid, thus making the entire capsule 100% industrial compostable.

Our compostable capsules are compliant with the stringent requirements of the EN 13432 standard with regards to chemical composition, biodegradation, disintegration and quality of the final compost and eco-toxicity. All of the materials used to create our unique capsules have been certified by Vinçotte and received the “OK Compost” certification. In this way, we are doing our part to create coffee with a conscience, as well as capsules that don’t cost the earth.

Cafféluxe Improved Nespresso® Compatible

From bean to capsule to cup, every stage of the Cafféluxe process is carried out and overseen by our very own coffee experts. Using the finest premium-grade beans from countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Guatemala and Colombia, our artisans roast and grind the coffee to perfection, ensuring that each individual capsule is meticulously filled, hermetically sealed, nitrogen flushed, tested, branded and packed. This is the soul of Cafféluxe, the centre of aromatic and delicious coffee, and the place where the coffee magic happens.