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Caffeluxe DUO Coffee Machine


The new Cafféluxe DUO

Multi Capsule system

Multi-Capsule System

The Cafféluxe DUO is the only system that accommodates Dolcé Gusto® & Nespresso® capsules for your convenience.

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Become your own barista

Craft intensely flavoured beverages with a state of the art high pressure pump and programmable features.

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A variety of beverages

The revolutionary Cafféluxe DUO system now enables you to unlock a world of flavoured beverage possibilities.

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Unique Recipes

Discover the full potential of being your own personal barista and unlock a world of flavour possibilities with our unique step by step guided recipes.

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Easy To Use

Multi-Capsule System

Never make the mistake again with buying the “wrong” capsule, now you can enjoy barista quality beverages from both systems. The DUO machine comes standard with interchangeable Nespresso® and Dolcé Gusto® fittings.

Unique Features

Become your own barista

Using a 19 bar high pressure pump the Cafféluxe DUO crafts intensely flavoured beverages every time. With its programmable features to remember your preferences, your personal barista will consistently deliver coffee of the highest quality with every cup.

The Cafe Experience

A Variety Of Beverages

The DUO delivers perfect espressos, topped with a signature crema, foamy cappuccinos, dark Americanos and velvety Lattes. Become creative and mix different flavours. The Cafféluxe DUO makes your coffee, your way, every time.

Unlock a world of flavour

Our Unique Recipes

Now that you have a world of beverage possibilities at your fingertips you are not sure where to begin. Never fear, our team of flavour experts have worked on some mouth watering combinations for you to try in the comfort of your own home.