A good cup of Café Au Lait every morning, can help bring together the energy and calmness you need to fight to power through your day and overcome those grey cloudy days.


A large fraction of our population depends on a good, tasty, aroma filled coffee to begin their day. Most of which would noddingly agree that they experience a positive change in their mood after kicking their day off with a warm cup of coffee.


The mood-altering effects of coffee have, in fact, a merit in science.


When we go off to sleep our body accumulates an organic compound called adenosine. The adenosine activates the adenosine receptors in our body, which leave us feeling tired and depleted of energy and inspiration when we wake up early in the morning. 


That early dose of caffeine in our morning coffees goes in and blocks these receptors and prevent us from feeling tired, while giving us a spark of energy to get our day going.


This blockage happens by caffeine binding with adenosine-receptors, which also allows for more dopamine, a hormone in the human body responsible for self-motivation and decision making, to bind with dopamine-receptors making us happier.


The exact same reaction happens when we grab that mid-day-power-coffee. Caffeine kicks in and gives us that boost we need, in the middle of the day, when we are feeling low. It’s not only our energy level that gets a boost, but also our mental health.


A study conducted by Qingdao University Medical College in China concludes that there is an 8% lower chance of suffering from depression per cup of caffeinated coffee a day. (Of course, to a limit).


Caffeine simply inhibits the chemicals causing depression, to bind with the receptors in the human brain, while it also happens to be the ingredient that can help us stay awake.


Many studies have indicated that a great percentage of users have reported signs of depression when they don’t drink any coffee during their day - compared to users who drink 2 or more cups of coffee a day.


The most common symptoms of depression include anhedonia, the lack of ability to feel happy, and an absence of inspiration. Depression is a mental health condition that increases the oxidative-stress markers in blood stream. The recipe for acute depression is having proteins that cause inflation to accumulate in the bloodstream.


The anti-inflammatory chemicals that are found in coffee are namely chlorogenic acid, trigonelline, tannic acid, and can assist in bringing the levels of the inflammation-causing-protein down.


To minimize this adverse effect, a good cup of delicious aroma filled coffee, with its anti-inflammatory properties, can do the trick. Caffeine is therefore considered as a great organic compound blocking, and hormone binding antioxidant, that happens to recharge us with both energy and happiness.


So, with the right amount of coffee, a person can be both mentally and sensory satisfied.


Coffee is here to help enhance our working memory, improve our alertness and concentration, and relieve us from depression, while we are striving for a stronger and healthier living.


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