Now we’re sure you’ve heard this before.

The mispronunciation of the word espresso with an “x” instead of an “s” is a common one and it’s understandable and generally related to the misconception that the word is some ‘gucci’ Italian word that translates to Express (as in ‘fast’).

Italian it is, but more so referring to the process. Espresso, meaning ‘pressed out’ is an explanation of the phenomenon; The passing of almost-boiling-hot water through coffee grounds using pressure, pouring out a rich cup of coffee filled with aroma and flavor.

The second myth buster to this tale is understanding the espresso experience. ​The appreciation of a good cup of coffee is bound by its flavor, which is accentuated by a tango of taste and aroma, rather than just a solo of taste. 

Don’t believe it? Block your nose the next time you sip on an espresso. You will be rushed with the bitterness of caffeine but you will not experience the full flavor of the coffee.

That said, the cup is only as good as it’s maker. A coffee connoisseur or an espresso expert knows to use great quality coffee beans, ground to the perfect consistency like that of the Medspresso™ pods, which would truly make the Italian, Luigi Berrazza, who patented the process in the late 1900s, proud.

But if you are still having trouble with the pronunciation and coffee just isn’t for you, you can use the coffee grounds as DIY face scrubs according to beauty lab chemist Danuisa Wnek, “coffee grounds are physical exfoliators that can lift off dead skin cells”, or you can just order an exquisite cup of hot chocolate.


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