Caffeine can make you jittery, it can keep you awake and it can make you pee and poo more. That much we know.

Other claims against caffeine are unclear.

No scientific studies have conclusively linked caffeine to high blood pressure, osteoporosis or arthritis.

Studies show that the cardiovascular effects of drinking coffee are mainly the result of the caffeine content - but not with sufficient statistical significance.

Actually, we have recently learned that coffee contains a variety of antioxidants which may even be very beneficial to our health.

Still, old-fashioned common sense would dictate that we keep our caffeine intake modest.

Decaffeinated coffee is not entirely free from caffeine.

Espresso has the highest concentration of caffeine, packing about 70 milligrams into a one-ounce shot, but is consumed in smaller quantities.

By comparison, a typical 12-ounce serving of drip coffee has 200 milligrams of caffeine, more than instant’s 140 milligrams.

And, yes, even brewed decaf has caffeine, — 8 milligrams of it — which can add up.

How many people drink decaffeinated coffee.

A study published by the National Coffee Association revealed that about 2% of coffee drinkers prefer a cup of decaf.

Decaffeinated coffee could be more acidic than regular coffee.

Regular coffee is known to possess an acidic quality, yet the the decaffeinating process might increase the coffee’s level of acidity. Highly acidic beans are known to contribute to the more acidic nature of decaf than in regular coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee can very well be Special Coffee.

Decaf coffee used to have a reputation as being flavorless. Caffeine itself does not have a taste, but some methods of decaffeination remove important flavor-producing compounds alongside the caffeine.

The challenge is to find a method that extracts a high amount of caffeine without affecting the flavor of the bean. Difficult is not impossible - and many specialty coffees are just as delicious as their caffeinated equivalent.

You can look forward to trying the African Medspresso Specialty Coffee editions coming soon.


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